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    Embrace Your Feminine

    We live in dark times of war and suffering. But it bolsters our
    faith that so many people, especially women, are standing up for
    peace and hope. Whether it’s Cindy Sheehan’s celebrated call for
    accountability in Iraq (meetwithcindy.org), or the quieter efforts
    of organizations like Women For Women, which offers financial and
    emotional support for war victims (womenforwomen.org), women’s work
    is making a difference.

    What’s more, women are bringing a new spirit not only to the
    realm of social action, but also to the business world and to their
    own communities. Qualities like compassion, nurturing, and
    caregiving that are traditionally ascribed to women (and often
    belittled) are critical for our future. Reasonable people can
    disagree about whether these traits are innate or inculcated. But
    what’s clear to us is that the world sorely needs these archetypal
    female qualities in our women. And in our men. — The

    Published on Nov 1, 2005


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