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    Meetup.com, Web site review by Julie
    Meetup.com puts an interesting twist on Internet
    chatrooms: It turns them into actual physical chatrooms, with
    personal interaction. The Web site offers a list of topics that
    others are planning to meet to discuss. After clicking on a city
    (from a wordlwide list) and a subject that interests you, the Web
    site displays the place, date, and the number of members who are
    signed up for that meeting. You then register by entering your
    e-mail address. But why choose meetups over their virtual
    counterpart? If you really have to ask, Meetup gives some
    glaring reasons: 1. Because nobody ever died of having too many
    friends. 2. Because the Internet was made to connect people. 3.
    Because you spend too much time in front of a screen.
    –Julie Madsen

    Published on Jul 1, 2002


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